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About our mascot Dionysus.

History and Analysis excerpt from Megami Tensei Wiki:

The garland and the pinecone thyrsus are Dionysus' traditional symbols. While the colorful pattern on his entire bodies can be interpreted in two ways. The first one is the body paint which symbolizes the revelry of Bacchanalia (wine festival). The other thing that links to that body paint is the colorful patterns of all kinds of alcohol when magnified under the microscope.

"The Greek god of wine and theater. He had two births. When his mother died while bearing him, Zeus took the premature infant and let him mature to a proper birth in his thigh."
—Compendium Info

Dionysus is the ancient Greek god of wine, wine cups, wineskin, grapes, and fertility. The god who inspires ritual madness, joyful worship, and ecstasy, carnivals, celebration and a major figure of Greek mythology. He is included as one of the twelve Olympians in some lists. Dionysus is typical of the god of the ephiphany, "the god that comes." He was also known as Bacchus, the name adopted by the Romans and the frenzy he induces, bakkheia. In addition to winemaking, he is the patron deity of agriculture and the theater. Hailed as an Asiatic foreigner, he was thought to have had strong ties to the East and to Ethiopia in the South. He was also known as the Liberator, freeing one from one's normal self, by madness, ecstasy or wine. The divine mission of Dionysus was to mingle the music of the aulos and to bring an end to care and worry...
(From Atlus message board)

2015 Atlus-O-Weenie is LIVE!

Entry Period
10/15/2015 – 11/04/2015 at 9:00 AM PT

Voting Period
11/04/2015 at 9:30 AM PT – 11/11/2015 9:00 AM PT

Winners Announced

See the Forum page announcement, entry form, and official rules HERE.…

Contest prizes:


Best of luck to all our contestants. :D

Take care,
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Group Info

:spotlight-left::spotlight-left:Welcome to Megaten-Cosplay:spotlight-right::spotlight-right:

This is a Group for Shin Megami Tensei Cosplayers. Here we critique and praise the Fine Art of Cosplay. It is in the heart of the Cosplayer which gives the Artists creation that extra edge on life, and makes our global conventions that much more exciting.

:star:General Guidelines:

:bulletblack:Show a nice level of completion in your Cosplay, and Photography of Cosplayers.

:bulletblack:Show good Craftsmanship, nice Fashion sense, and Style if the Cosplay is not 100% accurate. No bad, or blurry quality pictures of Cosplay.

:bulletblack:No overly busy background in Con photos. If there is a few people in the background that is okay. Don't let the background overpower the presentation of your Cosplay.

:bulletblack:No overly close up zooms of the face, that show no Costume to identify the Character you Cosplay.

:bulletblack:No "Work in progress" Cosplays. Finish product Cosplays only. Accessories and Weapons are acceptable to showcase.

:bulletblack:Submission limits are set to four deviations per day.

:bulletblack:Once you are made a Member you may submit Cosplay Art to your respective folder.

:star:On Featured Gallery:

:bulletblack:This is our main Showcase folder, present your best Cosplays.

:bulletblack:Show good Craftsmanship, nice Fashion sense, and Style if the Cosplay is not 100% accurate. No bad or blurry quality shots.

:bulletblack: No random people in the background (unless they are supposed to be there for the overall effect of the picture)

:bulletblack: No overly close up zooms of the face, that show no Costume to identify the character you Cosplay.

:bulletblack: Your Cosplay must be within range of the characters silhouette with good presentation.

:bulletblack: No "Work in progress" or test shots of Cosplay. Finish product Cosplays only.

:bulletblack:Estimated approval time will be 48 hours for Featured. Featured gallery will be arranged, and designated by Staff unless you have Contributor ranking.

:groups: Joining and Promotions:

:bulletblack:Generally, we may issue out Invites to Megaten-Cosplay. However, you can persuade us to accept submissions to SMT Cosplay.

:bulletblack:We accept join requests. To join, prove that your Cosplay Art belongs with our Group in good faith to the general guidelines, and we will accept your Art.

:bulletblack:Contact us by the group join system if you would like your Art to be reviewed, or if you desire to join as a new member of Megaten-Cosplay.

:bulletblack:Be sure to provide a link to your Cosplay, Photography, or Cosplayer Illustrations along with your request to join Megaten-Cosplay.

:bulletblack:If there is no significant Megaten-Cosplay in your gallery within our standards, you cannot join as a full member.

:bulletblack:If anyone produces over 9 submissions to Featured, Staff will provide a promotion chance to Contributors ranking. Contributors may add faves on majority vote, auto-submit Art to any folders, and participate in voting.

:bulletblack:If you don't plan to add Deviations then please watch. We appreciate the support.

:helpdesk:On Inquiries:

:bulletblack:Staff Members shall be available 3-4 days a week for Administration purposes. Various languages are spoken here. Comments or questions just ask.
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Dec 21, 2010


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